Allyson Jule, PhD, is Professor of Education and Dean of Education at Trinity Western University, Langley, Canada, as well as being one of the founding directors of the university’s Gender Studies Institute. She has written numerous books on a variety of topics, including gender and language, gender and education as well as gender and religion. She was awarded the National 3M Teaching Fellowship for excellence in university teaching in 2016. She is also the past president of Canada’s Women and Gender Studies et Recherches Féministes (WGSRF) Association. She currently serves as Chair to the Association of BC Deans of Education (ABCDE).


Allyson Jule

The Compassionate Educator

Understanding Social Issues in Canadian Schools
In this edited collection, respected professor and scholar Allyson Jule brings together leading academics to discuss the evolution of student diversity in contemporary Canadian classrooms. This book explores a wide range of student complexities, including matters such as mental health, Indigenous education, queer education, youth radicalization and extremism, disability, religious practice, ESL, and refugee student support. This book equips teachers with the foundation needed to build a classroom that unpacks the social fabric of individual student and classroom populations from a place of deep understanding and compassion. Using a student-centered methodology, readers learn how to navigate difficult situations in the classroom with empathy and consider the distinct lived experiences that inform students’ actions in school. Encouraging critical reflection and a deeper understanding of diversity, this insightful and applicable resource is ideal for students in teacher education programs and for practicing educators across Canada.

More Books by Dr. Allyson Jule 

While popular culture may be experiencing a kind of backlash against feminism resulting in a ‘Not this again!’ response at the mention of ‘gender,’ Dr. Allyson Jule, academic and author of Sh-shushing the Girls, believes that despite battle weariness over the ‘gender wars’ the sheer weight of evidence that gender is a powerful variable in the classroom necessitates that it be understood in as many ways as possible and better debated among educators, parents and students alike.

She has written extensively on the topic of gender and education as well as gender and religion in her books and in many academic journals. She is also involved in the International Gender and Language Association (IGALA). See, the Oxford Education Society and maintains her connections to the International Gender Studies Centre at Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford.

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