A Beginner’s Guide to Language and Gender

A Beginner’s Guide to Language and Gender offers a broad and accessible introduction to the study of gender and language use for those new to the subject. The book introduces the theoretical and practical perspectives, including relevant frameworks necessary to understand ways in which language interacts with gender/sex in various settings, including: media, schools, business, in places of worship and at home. The book is divided into two parts. Part I explores the historical background to the study of gender and language, moving through past theoretical approaches and debates to current views and trends. In Part II, gender and language use are examined in various contexts, specifically in the media, in classrooms, in the workplace, in the Western church, and at home.

Each chapter offers study questions and further reading suggestions. There is also a helpful glossary of key terms at the back of the book. A Beginner’s Guide to Language and Gender is designed to be appealing, informative and, above all, accessible for readers from a range of backgrounds and disciplines. “Allyson Jule’s book on gender and language use is an engaging introduction to key concepts, developments and debates in the field of gender and language studies. First-time students of gendered language use will find its glossary, study questions and bibliography helpful entry points into this field. Jule’s survey of gendered language use in context provides a foundation for, and will hopefully inspire, further study of gender and language use. For Jule does not only provide an introduction to gender and language studies in this book; she explains why such studies matter.” Kate Power, Doctoral candidate, Lancaster University, UK

“This book offers a compact, accessible, up-to-the-minute introduction to a range of hot topics in language and gender. The reflective, critical lens makes this a valuable text both for undergraduates and for experienced teachers enrolled in MA degrees.” Janet Holmes, Professor of Linguistics, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

“This book provides an accessible and wide-ranging introduction to the ever-popular topic of Language and Gender, exploring the fascinating links between language, gender and identity.” Jennifer Coates, Professor of English Language & Linguistics, Roehampton University, UK

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