Being Feminist, Being Christian: Essays from Academia

The eight essays presented in this unique collection explore various intersections of feminism, feminist theory and practice, and Christian tradition as it is lived out in the lives of Christian academics. The basic question here is “Can a person be a Christian and a feminist at the same time?” The answer explored here is – yes! Current thinkers explored the working out of seeming contractions. This collection is unique in its gathering of Christian perspectives from both Catholic and Protestant traditions. Much feminist scholarship is thought to be antithetical to Christianity. This book explores questions and issues that arise when people of faith encounter feminism in both public, private, and personal domains.


  • Blessed Mother or Material Mom: Which Madonna Am I?
  • Christian Feminist or Feminist Christian: What’s Feminism Got to Do with Evangelical Christians?
  • Silence and Feminine Morality: A Look at Performances of Gender in Two Theology Classrooms
  • In Search of Bodily Perspective: A Study of Simone de Beauvoir and Luce Irigaray
  • Two Women Speaking “Woman”: The Strategic Essentialism of Luce Irigaray and Phoebe Palmer
  • Speaking Out: Feminist Theology and Women’s Proclamation in the Wesleyan Tradition
  • Nascent Christian Feminism in Medieval and Early Modern Britain
  • Biblical Literalism and Gender Stability: A Christian Response to Gender Performance Theory–Chris Noble

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