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Podcast – Learning Matters

A podcast with Dr. Allyson Jule, titled Learning Matters. Listen to the podcast here:

Podcast: Speaking Up Understanding Language and Gender

In a time where concepts such as gender pronouns, sexual assault and harassment, and toxic masculinity are entering and shaping public discourse, knowing the ways in which gender and language interact is key. In her new book, Speaking Up: Understanding Language and Gender (Multilingual Matters, 2018),  Dr. Allyson Jule describes the ways in which gender and language intersect in […]

Article: Why do we have difficulty accepting the variety of gender expressions?

Gender is not binary, but alters from culture to culture, from generation to generation. I know we’ve all heard this stuff before: men and women and boys and girls are “different”: they think differently, they think about different things, and they interact with the world in different ways. But those are dangerous ideas. Why? Because […]

Article: Men have to say #IDidThatToo to workplace sexual harassment

With the exception of the Harvey Weinsteins and Matt Lauers of the world, why is it that men who have been accused of being involved in workplace sexual harassment go largely unpunished? They’ve been pretty silent and that’s rather interesting. I think it’s time we shifted the focus from the brave women who have come […]

Article: Women’s studies programs fight for recognition

The bad news broke on a Monday night in February 2016. Earlier that day, Lisa Dawn Hamilton, acting director of Mount Allison University’s women’s and gender studies program, had received a glum surprise. Nearly two decades after its 1999 founding, funding for the interdisciplinary program was on the chopping block – a move that would […]

Article: The book that changed my life

Much time may be spent on readings that don’t inspire, but there’s no denying the impression left by a book that is impossible to forget. University Affairs recently asked a handful of Canadian academics to reflect on “the book that changed my life.” For some, a book’s influence was partly situational – where they were at the […]

Article: Experts say gender roles are taught in our classrooms

This is how gender expert and author Allyson Jule sees the difference between how educators treat boys and girls in the classroom: “If a teacher asked the question, ‘What’s the capital city of Canada?’ and … a girl replied, ‘Ottawa,’ the teacher would say, ‘Yes,’ ” she said. “And if the same thing happened but […]

Article: B.C. teachers need gender training, professor Allyson Jule says

Future teachers in B.C. should be required to take a course on gender in the classroom, according to Allyson Jule. The professor of education at Trinity Western University in Langley has conducted research on elementary-school and college classes and found teachers tend to “unwittingly” prompt boys to speak more than girls. “It doesn’t even matter […]

Article: 11 Ways To Avoid Sounding Like a Sexist Jerk–Even If You’re a Woman

Whatever your opinion of the campaign by Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean Infoundation to ban the word bossy — which, for the record, I advised on — one thing is indisputable: the power of words is stark. Call a little girl “bossy” and she starts to avoid leadership roles because she’s afraid of being seen as unlikeable. People […]