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B.C. Teachers Need Gender Training, Professor Allyson Jule Says

Allyson Jule Interview - Part 1: Transposing Stereotypes On To Children

Allyson Jule Interview - Part 2: Men & Women Need Each Other

Allyson Jule Awarded Davis Distinguished Teacher for 2011 at Trinity Western University

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"We assume or hope that classrooms are fair and meaningful places. Some teachers may well be more aware than others of the way gender influences performance and participation. If so, how did they get more aware? Most teachers teach the way they were taught. It takes a lot to change things..."
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"I thought my main role as a parent was: to tell them to be themselves. But I can see that there are many places where they can't 'be themselves'. Classrooms make up a big chunk of a child's experience - I want to know what is going on there."
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"I don't think this is about women being 'noisier' - it's about participating rather than being a silent audience member in your own life. Also, men are being pressured to be men in ways that are limiting them. Maybe we can all rest a bit if we can stop performing gender and be more genuine with who we are."
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Dr. Allyson Jule is Professor of Education and Co-Director of the Gender Studies Institute at Trinity Western University, British Columbia, Canada. She is the author of several books and articles on the issue of gender in education, including Gender, Participation and Silence in the Language Classroom: Sh-Shushing the Girls, a personal account of her ten month study of one grade-two English language learning classroom at a Canadian Punjabi Sikh school.

She is also the author of A Beginner's Guide to Language and Gender, and the media reviews editor for Women & Language journal.

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