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Allyson Jule Awarded Davis Distinguished Teacher for 2011 at Trinity Western University

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"We assume or hope that classrooms are fair and meaningful places. Some teachers may well be more aware than others of the way gender influences performance and participation. If so, how did they get more aware? Most teachers teach the way they were taught. It takes a lot to change things..."
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"I thought my main role as a parent was: to tell them to be themselves. But I can see that there are many places where they can't 'be themselves'. Classrooms make up a big chunk of a child's experience - I want to know what is going on there."
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"I don't think this is about women being 'noisier' - it's about participating rather than being a silent audience member in your own life. Also, men are being pressured to be men in ways that are limiting them. Maybe we can all rest a bit if we can stop performing gender and be more genuine with who we are."
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SECTIONSBooks - Sh-shushing The Girls - Gender and the Language of Religion

Gender and the Language of Religion, edited by Allyson Jule, PhD, of the University of Glamorgan, Wales, with Foreword by Professor Miriam Meyerhoff, PhD, of the University of Edinburgh, is a collection of fourteen innovative research papers by scholars from around the world. Each contributor explores themes of gender, language and religion, allowing for a reflection on how these elements work alongside each other in complimentary and contradictory ways.

"If the role of women has changed around the world and if the world has an ever-expanding sense of globalization, then how do religions today reveal such changes?"
Dr. Allyson Jule, University of Glamorgan, Wales

Issues Explored:

  • Assertive, articulate and Islamic at the same time? How do British Muslim women online debunk negative stereotypes?
  • Hindu's 'ideal husband,' the god Ram, requires his wife to walk through fire. How do religious traditions shape a gendered-self and how is this reflected in the language?
  • How do Saudi Arabian women talk religion in letters to the newspaper editor?
  • Why are female Evangelical college students so quiet?
  • Is feminism a core of Biblical revelation?
  • Who swears more - women or men? Why?

Gender and the Language of Religion Contents, Introduction and Index.

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"Most people in the world today claim to be the follower of an organized religion... the number who claim to be non-religious or atheist has dropped from approximately 1.1 billion to about 850 million... these statistics indicate a remarkable degree of global conformity and they point to the potential for the development of enormously powerful supra-local identities."
Professor Miriam Meyerhoff, University of Edinburgh,
Foreword, Gender and the Language of Religion

Dr. Jule, editor, claims it's impossible to understand world affairs or the human condition today without understanding the role that religion plays and how it influences human behaviour.

"A glance at any newspaper or any TV newscast reminds us of how current events are embedded in religious communities..."
Dr. Allyson Jule, Introduction, Gender and The Language of Religion

Religion is in a state of flux, and a transition involving gender roles is underway. The focus is on the tension surrounding the role of women and issues like veil/no veil for Muslim women and ordination/no ordination for Christian women.

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